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About Jardin du Minuit 

Spending evenings in gardens, enjoying the company of friends and loved ones - Jardin du Minuit was born out of one such evening.  Smelling the heady scents of herbs and flowers wafting through the night air, we found ourselves drifting into relaxed contentment.

We all need those private and personal moments in life to relax, reflect and pamper ourselves.  Jardin du Minuit is this sanctuary.   Allow us to carry you away on a voyage of scent and relaxation.  Jardin du Minuit uses essential oils, fragrance oils and natural ingredients to truly capture our memories and the scents of a time and place.  All packaging is printed with soy based ink and made from recycled and recyclable materials.



About the Founder: Stewart Floyd    

Developed by Stewart Floyd, Jardin du Minuit is an intimate window into his home, family and life.  Growing up in Canada surrounded by gardens and spending evenings relaxing and eating in them with family and friends, he developed a love of scent.  Spring scents of flowers, Summer scents at the lake full of woods and mosses, Fall and Winter scents of family celebrations, all contributed to his love of scent and how they impacts us.